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Read what are customers are saying about us

Chris, with Elite Hail Pros, was knowledgeable, professional, up-front, timely, and friendly. He drove out to my house to assess the damage and helped me start the claims process. He guided me through all the steps and made the entire experience easy and straight forward. The work they did on my car was spotless, and the turn around time was better than I could have hoped for. I highly recommend them for all your car body needs.

Mark Nentwig, 07/19/2020

Chris was awesome. He thoroughly explained their method of identifying hail damage and repair. There definitely can be more than meets the eye. He worked with my insurance company which made the whole claims process seamless. My vehicle was returned to me in excellent condition and on the date, it was promised. I highly recommend Elite Hail Pros.

Charles St. John, 07/13/2020

Elite Hail Pros did a GREAT job fixing my car, very professional & thorough. I definitely recommend them for Hail damage repair.

Jay Ford, 07/13/2020

Elite Hail Pros did an amazing job on fixing the hail damage on my car! I was able to get a same day free estimate and they helped contact my insurance company for me to file the claim. My car looks brand new! You wouldn’t even be able to tell that I had hail damage before. Chris and his team were professional, easy to communicate with and the whole process from start to finish was a great experience!

Lisa Schubert, 07/07/2020

Chris & his staff are the best. Been going to his car wash for years & got my hail damage repaired recently. They took care of everything seamlessly. Chris and his team are the best.

Lexi Clark, 11/05/2019

Chris was great he picked up my truck that got hailed on after only owning a few months and brought it back after a few days detailed and looking brand new again. I would definitely recommend him again to anyone.

Daniel Messner, 11/20/2019

Very pleased with the excellent service and work! Everything went so smoothly and the work was timely done before scheduled completion. The detailing was also nice complimentary service. Chris went above and beyond in providing great service.

Jo Seavy, 10/30/2019

I had an excellent experience with this company. They fixed the hail damage in just a few days. And it was an awesome job - The car looked brand new. I highly recommend Chris and his staff for any hail damage repair

thomasmellish, 10/20/2019

They were great! The body work they did on my car was excellent! They really helped me out. Thanks, guys!

Justine Prevost, 09/15/2019

I had a very good experience with Hail Pros, they have excellent customer service and they do things right and in a timely manner. I really appreciate the good service. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Lisa Walters, 09/10/2019

Elite hail pros did an amazing job on my car when I got hail damage on it. It was a quick seamless process. I definitely recommend them. Chris and his amazing team did a wonderful job!

Rigat Takelle, 08/20/2019

Did great on my car. No more hail damage, super clean detail job, no more broken windshield, everything looks great. Highly recommend.

Unity Kim, 08/10/2019

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