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Auto Hail Damage Repair Specialists for Denver and Colorado Springs

At Elite Hail Pros, we understand the hassle of auto damage due to adverse weather conditions, such as hail. Our auto shop has helped a multitude of drivers throughout Denver and Colorado Springs restore their cars’ appearance and integrity when severe storms pummel them with falling ice. For the best results in a short time, we offer paintless dent repair to resolve dents in the hood, roof, and other panels. We make your satisfaction our top priority with any auto service we provide, including auto hail repair. With our satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty, we take the worry out of restoring your vehicle’s exterior.


Reasons to Repair Auto Hail Damage

Repairing your vehicle’s exterior following a hail storm is the prudent choice in auto care, and our professional technicians have the training and experience to ensure a flawless body. Hail repair is essential to preserving your vehicle’s condition for many reasons, including the following:

Prevent Further Damage

When hail dents your vehicle, we offer paintless dent repair to resolve the damage quickly and without the need to repaint the panels. However, if you neglect the hail damage, and it has fractured the paint sealant, problems like rust and corrosion can set in and cause bigger problems than a dimple in your hood. Rust can eat through your vehicle and affect its appearance and value, as well as spread to the inner working parts. All these issues may take significant and expensive repairs to fix. When you bring your car to us for repairs when the hail damage first occurs, we can resolve the issues before they start and save you time and money in the process.

Preserve Your Car’s Value

Dings and dents are damage that appraisers and car buyers take seriously when they consider the value of your vehicle. Dealerships will often offer discounts on cars affected by hail and other inclement weather due to the damage. If you leave the dents unresolved in your car, you could miss out on thousands of dollars when you sell or trade-in your vehicle. Its appearance plays a substantial role in its value. With our paintless dent repair service, we remove the dings and dents from hail while keeping the paint on your panels intact. Not only do you save money on the repairs, but you also keep your car’s value higher for when you decide to sell or trade it.

Don’t Wait to Fix Hail Damage

Don’t let hail damage ruin your car’s value or appearance. If your vehicle has recently suffered dings and dents from a hail storm, bring it to Elite Hail Pros for reliable repairs and stellar customer service. We keep our auto body services affordable, and you’ll get a free estimate on the repairs you need.

If Your Car Has a Ding, Give the Experts a Ring!

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