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Auto Hail Damage Repair Specialists with Top Quality Service in Denver and Colorado Springs

Elite Hail Pros gives you a variety of reasons to bring your vehicle to us for hail damage repairs. We work with all major insurance companies to ensure you get your repairs covered in Denver and Colorado Springs. In most cases, we can also cover your whole insurance deductible. Our company also works with many national rental car carriers, so we can usually arrange a rental car if you cannot secure one. Other reasons to bring your vehicle to us include:

$0 Out of Pocket / Deductible Assistance

We work with all major insurance companies for auto hail repair.

Rental Car Assistance

We work with many national rental car carriers.

Lifetime Guarantee

We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Quick Turnaround

Same Day Appointments Available. Open 7 Days Per Week.

Easy Insurance Claims

We work with all insurance companies and are here to make the whole process hassle-free.

Certified Technicians

Experienced and certified auto hail repair technicians.

Workers examining a car

Get a Lifetime Guarantee on Repairs

At Elite Hail Pros, we back all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all your paintless dent repairs. Our satisfaction guarantee also applies to replacing panels due to severe cases of hail damage. We always have your back and stand behind our work, no matter how severe the damage. If the paintless dent repair results by Hail, Inc. are found defective under our warranty, we’ll repair such quantity of dents and make corrections to paint flaws that are proven defective from the Hail, Inc. PDR process. This applies to repairs at our location, where we provide the materials and labor without cost to you during the warranty period.

Car body polishing

Complimentary Detail Service with Your Repairs

When your car receives service at Elite Hail Pros, we provide a complimentary detailing service. Our detailing professionals will make your vehicle look even better than before it sustained hail damage with a finishing touch after your insurance claim gets taken care of and we finish your repair services. To schedule service on your vehicle, give us a call to receive a free estimate.


If you’ve been wanting to get your vehicle repaired, but haven’t wanted to spend your hard-earned cash, RELAX. We work with all major insurance companies for auto hail repair in Denver and Colorado Springs. In most cases, we can cover your entire auto insurance deductible.


We work with many national rental car carriers. If we cannot arrange for a rental car through your insurance, we can usually work with one of our companies.


When you bring your car to Elite Hail Pros, you will receive a complimentary detailing service. Once your insurance claim is taken care of and all your repair services are finished, our detailing professional will put the finishing touch on your vehicle to make it look even better than it had before the storm.


Elite Hail Pros backs our work with not only a 100% satisfaction guarantee but also a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all paintless dent repairs! In severe cases of hail damage where some panels need to be replaced, we still offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee. No matter how bad the damage, Elite Hail Pros always has your back!! We stand behind our craft 100%.

In the event that Hail, Inc. paintless dent repair process results are found to be defective under this warranty, Hail, Inc. will repair such quantity of dents and correct paint flaws, proved to be defective as a result of the Hail Inc. PDR process, at Hail Inc. place of business, with Hail Inc. providing the labor and materials free of charge during the warranty period.

All of Hail Inc. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTIES are subject to exception and limitations pursuant to the written conditions agreed upon by the consumer and the Hail Inc’s representative prior to the commencement of work.

Hail Inc’s paintless dent repair process guarantees against: Shine/gloss deterioration, blistering, peeling, wrinkling, defects in primer adhesion. Hail Inc. warrants that the paintless dent repair (PDR) process will last for as long as you own your vehicle.

Our Warranty on Our PRD Process Lasts as Long as You Own Your Vehicle

All of Hail, Inc.’s Limited Lifetime Warranties are subject to limitations and exceptions pursuant to the written conditions the customer and representative of Hail, Inc. have agreed to before starting work. The paintless dent repair process of Hail, Inc. guarantees against: peeling, blistering, wrinkling, defects in primer adhesion, and shine/gloss deterioration. Hail, Inc.’s warranty on our paintless dent repair (PRD) process lasts as long as you own your vehicle.

If Your Car Has a Ding, Give the Experts a Ring!

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